What is Crewix?
Crewix is a global crewing platform for seamen and maritime companies. Seamen can register and have their personal CV on the web in minutes, they can apply for vacancies and be hired. Companies can post vacancies and hire seamen.
What are the key advantages of Crewix?
Free to use — you can post vacancies for free, you can be hired for free. Nice, right?
Cloud-based — you always can have what’s most important to you on whatever device you have in hand.
Privacy — we respect your privacy and protect it with strong encryption and strict policies that govern how all data is handled. You can learn more about privacy.
Active developers — Crewix is continually updated and moderated.
Simplicity — a lot of things here are truly simple and intuitive.
Why should I register?
Why shouldn't you?
Seamen are be able to apply for vacancies and be hired, export their profile to PDF, share their profile with employers and friends, and much more.
Companies are able to post vacancies, use advanced search filters to find and hire the best candidates out there, and much more.
Crewix the most straightforward way to grow your maritime career/business online.
Join Crewix now and experience all of this yourself.