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Meet Crewix – a global crewing platform for seamen and maritime companies
It doesn't matter where you're from. Anyone can hire or be hired with Crewix.
Powerful enough for everyone
Crewix has tons of features that take crewing business to a whole new level.
You always have what's important to you on whatever device you have in hand.
Made with love
Made with love
We focus on user experience very much. That’s why we think you'll love Crewix.
Work in maritime industry
Grow your career or start one with Crewix
Create your cloud CV
Create your profile
Create and fill out your profile. Enter as much information as possible, it's quite important.
Build your career
Search for vacancies
Search for and apply for vacancies. It's easy. Sometimes employers will ask for an interview before hiring you.
Build your career
Be hired
It's easy to be hired with Crewix. If your profile looks good and you can pass an interview — the job is yours.
Upload document scans
Document scans in the cloud
Upload all of your document scans to the cloud and keep them in one place. Crewix keeps your files safe.
Universal CV
Universal profile
Crewix is global, and that's why user's profile was designed to be simple and versatile.
Advanced privacy
Crewix was built with privacy in mind. That’s why we respect your personal information and protect it.
Transform your business
Reinvent the way you run your maritime business with Crewix
Post vacancies
Post vacancies
Post vacancies for free. Up to 25 active vacancies.
Find the perfect match
Find the perfect match fast
Search for seamen easily with our advanced search.
Interview the candidates
Interview the candidates
You can ask for an interview with any candidate you like.
Work with someone skilled
Work with someone skilled
Hire people with confidence, always knowing their work experience.
Be focused and productive
Be focused and productive
Intuitive design, advanced search and notifications ensure that nothing gets lost.
Become our partner
Become our partner
We can help you hire seamen faster and cheaper.
Change how you work in a big way
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